Danielweber Paintings


Dr. Daniel Weber, PhD MSc photographed in Sydney on 3 February 2021. Picture: John Fotiadis

Dr Bert Jansen

Dr Bert Jansen - I will be complete when I catch my butterfly   When I, for the first time, see the images Daniel sent to me by email, I am reminded of the tradition of Japanese and Chinese calligraphy. He also mentions this in...

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Professor Shilin Zhou, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts

Professor Shilin Zhou, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts   Reflections on Daniel Weber's artworks   The progress and development of human society is closely linked to the creation of art, whether it be early classical, impressionism, Dadaism, abstract art or contemporary expressionist art, all of...

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Erin McFadyen - Artists Profile Magazine

In many ways, it was unfitting for me to interview Daniel Weber over Zoom – although I could have done no differently, as we spoke through the thicket of Sydney’s 2021 lockdowns. Though it’s fraught and usually presumptuous for a writer to say what an...

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